Past Conferences

Centennial - Progress Campus 2019

Theme: Building Community

2019 Conference Program

"Building Community Through Research" (McIntosh & Kennette)

"'But I Did All The Work!' - Supporting and Assessing Collaborative Projects" (Simoneau)

St. Clair 2018

Theme: Identity: Who are we? Who R U? Who M I? What is our role in 2018?

2018 Conference Program

George Brown 2017

Theme: Divergent Thinking in the College Communications Classroom

2017 Conference Program

Georgian 2016

Theme: Entrepreneurializing the Classroom

2016 Session Descriptions

Durham 2015


2015 Conference Guide

2015 Session Descriptions

Humber 2014

Theme: Problematizing Pedagogy: Challenging our Approaches to Teaching Reading and Writing

2014 Session Descriptions

Seneca 2012

Theme: Igniting the Imagination: Creative Approaches to Language and Literacy

2012 Session Descriptions

Algonquin 2011

George Brown 2010

Theme: Reinventions: 21st Century Approaches to Teaching Language and Literacy in the College System

Fanshawe 2009

Theme: Exploring Literacies

2009 Session Descriptions

Niagara 2008

Theme: Best Practices: Instructing Today's Learner

Humber 2007

Theme: Building Bridges


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Past Conference Presentations

George Brown 2017
Mary Sorkhabi (Seneca) - "Impact of Infographics in Teaching"
John Brady (George Brown) - "Harnessing Competition for Student Motivation          and Participation"
Durham 2015


Anna Bartosik - "Collaborative Essay Writing Process"


Evelyn Holmes - "Adobe Connect as a Blended Learning Tool"


Martha Hendriks & Mubeen Ladhani - "Strategies for Improving Literacy at the College Level"


Humber 2014
Rhett Andrew - "Outcomes, Not Hoops"


Michael Avis - "21st Century Assessment Tools"


Maya Samson - "Using Accessible Texts to Develop Critical Literacies" "Is Facebook Good for Society?"