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Useful Links

Useful Links

Useful Links

Academic Group, Today's Top Ten

  • Blog and news items about Canadian post-secondary education issues


Campus Technology

  • Ideas and resources for using technology in teaching and learning


The Chronicle of Higher Education

  • Post secondary news items from south of the border


National Council of Teachers of English

  • Resource for teachers of English; includes a subgroup for community college teachers


Ontario College Employment

  • A central registry of academic job postings in Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology


Rick Reis, Stanford University, Tomorrow's Professor

  • eNewsletter and articles related to post-secondary teaching

Information is Beautiful, David McCandless

  • A blog about visualizing information

Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds

  • A blog with tips on how to become a more dynamic presenter


Please write in with suggestions for links to:


Other conferences of interest

Calls for papers of interest

Good websites for teaching (pedagogy, lesson plans)

Resources for composition, literature, or ESL teachers


Send your suggestions for links to the CALL web administrator.


Use this list to explain what students should do in their writing assignments. Also, students can use this list with other professors, while seeking clarification on other assignments. 

Use the bubble evaluation scheme to save grading time while providing clearer feedback. This scheme is a pleasure to use and is easily adaptable to all kinds of assignments. By Rhett Andrew, Sault College  

To share your lesson plans, rubrics, presentations, papers, and other teaching innovations, email your material to the CALL web administrator. Please include a roughly 25-word summary of the material to give colleagues a snapshot of the contents.  

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