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If you are involved in a research project that you would like to include in this list, please let us know!​

February 2022:

"Covid-19 and Connectivism: Ontario College Communications and Language Instruction Faculty’s Perspectives on Remote Teaching" - Janna Holmes - Algonquin College


You are invited to participate in a study exploring faculty perspectives on remote teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The aim of this research is to explore issues, concerns and best practices from a faculty perspective and interpret these perspectives through a connectivist framework.

Connectivism is a learning theory that specifically addresses learning in an online environment. As the Covid-19 pandemic has demanded more teaching and learning to occur in an online space, connectivism becomes a learning framework in need of more attention. This study will explore faculty perspectives on methods of engagement and tools that are meaningful to a connectivist understanding of teaching and learning.​

This project has been approved by the Algonquin College Research Ethics Board (2021-DEC-HOLMES). If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact the project lead, Janna Holmes, at  A report of the research findings will be presented at the CALL 2022 conference.


Invitation to participate in a Survey related to this research project


Invitation to participate in a Semi-Structured Interview related to this research project

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This space will be used to highlight ongoing research projects that are related to CALL's mandate and that invite an opportunity for member participation. 

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