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CALL For Proposals

UPDATE: The deadline for proposals has been extended until noon on Monday February 28th, 2022.

Annual CALL Conference 2022

Algonquin College - Ottawa (Bimodal Conference)

May 25-27, 2022

Communications, ESL/Language, and General Education faculty whose courses are rooted in language and literacy are invited to submit proposals for presentations, workshops, or facilitated discussion groups under the following theme:

A CALL for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

“Becoming a more inclusive educator is a journey.” - Flower Darby


Perhaps more than in other areas, college educators in the fields of communications, language, and literacy are uniquely well-positioned to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in their classrooms. 


The 2022 CALL Conference invites faculty—from all stages of the journey towards becoming more inclusive educators—to share their lived experiences, professional expertise, and practical strategies for addressing issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion in our college language and literacy classrooms. Presentations, workshops, or facilitated discussions that actively demonstrate inclusive learning strategies are especially welcome.


Questions to consider:

  • How can we, as educators, create inclusive spaces for our students (and each other)?

  • How can we challenge the assumptions, values, and beliefs ingrained in our teaching practice and understand how these impact the learner experience?

  • How can we better understand the relationship between inclusion and success?

  • What does an inclusive learning environment look / feel / sound like?

  • How can our curriculum be expanded to include a diverse range of perspectives?


Possible topics and themes to consider:

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

  • Differentiating between access and accessibility (design principles and AODA)

  • Ungrading and challenging conventional assessment strategies

  • Indigenization

  • Internationalization

  • LGBTQ and minority student and faculty representation and issues

  • Trauma-informed teaching

  • Promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in online / in-class / hybrid learning environments

  • Adaptive learning

  • New technological tools for teaching that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion

Proposal Requirements:

  • Presentation Title & Identified CALL 2022 theme

  • Presentation Overview: 200-250 words

  • Preferred Modality: in-person, online, bimodal

  • Preferred Format: interactive workshop, seminar-style lecture, facilitated discussion/panel

  • Preferred Length of session: 30, 60 or 90 minutes

  • Brief bio of the presenter(s)


In the spirit of this year’s theme, and in recognition of the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 CALL Conference will be offered in multiple modalities, with events taking place in-person at Algonquin College and streamed online. In your proposal, please indicate if you have a strong preference for presenting in-person, online, or bimodally.


Please submit proposals to: by noon on Monday February 28, 2022.

Keep an eye on our Upcoming Conference page for more information about the 2022 conference, including updates about the conference programme, keynote speakers, and registration instructions.

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