About CALL

CALL History


We are an organization of college educators seeking to promote the teaching of literacy and language skills across the curricula of Ontario's community colleges.


Since 1973, CALL has sponsored annual conferences to provide professional development and support for community college English/communication teachers of Ontario. CALL was incorporated in 1992 as a registered non-profit organization.


The CALL Mandate


To advance literacy, language and general education of the public through the community college system in the province of Ontario.


To promote standards in the teaching profession for furthering literacy and language skills of students by providing regular professional education opportunities for community college professors.


To provide means for effective interaction among communication and general education instructors, including conferences and meetings across the province.


To promote writing and language studies in the curricula of the community college.

CALL Executive


Mark Dorsey

Georgian College


Vice President

Randy Hamelin

St. Clair College



Derrick Hempel

George Brown, Sheridan, Humber



Erica Kelly

Lambton College


Regional Representatives

Region 1 (St. Clair, Lambton, Fanshawe)

Heather Greene

St. Clair College

Region 4 (Algonquin, Loyalist, St. Lawrence)

Jordan Berard

Algonquin College

Region 2 (Conestoga, Mohawk, Niagara)

Paula Crooks

Conestoga College

Region 5 (Humber, Sheridan)

Sarah Sinclair

Humber College

Region 3 (Georgian, Fleming, Durham)

Nathan Wilson

Durham College

Region 6 (George Brown, Seneca, Centennial)

Denise Chilton

Seneca College

Region 7 (Sault, Northern, Cambrian, Canadore, Confederation)

Ollie Pederson

Confederation College

Region 8 (La Cité, Boreal)

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